Extension Tube

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IV Lock


* IVN101 IV Lock/ TrueGuard Connector- luer slip

* IVN102 IV Lock/ TrueGuard Connector- luer lock

* IVN201 IV Lock/ DualGuard Connector



1. IV injection sites are easy to use.
2. Easy to inspect visually.
3. Medical injection sites easy disinfection to avoid any infection.
4. Improve the safety and the comfortable ability.
5. Available Type: Gen1-TrueGuard / Gen2- DualGuard

Advantage of Gen II- DualGuard connector:
* Transparent appearance allows healthcare personnel to inspect for any drug or blood residues.
* Prevent hemolysis, blood backflow, and catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs).
* This product is compatible with lipid.
* CSTD- drug preparation system products available.